Health Information Technology Degrees in Indiana with Course Info

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Research health information technology programs in Indiana, which currently has six public schools offering programs. Read an overview of training programs, tuition info and program options for these schools to decide which program is right for you.

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Essential Information

Health Information Technology Career Info and Education Requirements

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Health information technology (HIT) is the comprehensive management of electronic health records, including patient medical histories and billing information such as hospital entry and consent forms, medical charts and X-rays. Those employed in a health information technology career work to improve health care quality, prevent medical errors, decrease paperwork, reduce health care costs and increase administrative effectiveness.

Annual Payout Rate

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The primary purpose of the Endowment is to provide a predictable and permanent source of funding for the University’s mission. The spending guideline calculates the amount of the Endowment the University spends for this purpose each year. Starting with the average market value of the Endowment for the previous 12 months, the spending guideline incorporates the following weighted factors to set an annual Endowment payout rate:

Business Office Manager Salary

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With nearly one-half of Business Office Managers in the United States reporting more than 10 years of experience in the field, this area is heavily weighted toward experienced professionals. Pay ranges from $29K to $64K per year and averages out to $46K annually. Incomes of Business Office Managers vary widely depending on performance components; bonuses and profit sharing that can occasionally exceed $5K cause paychecks to spread between $29K on the low end and $64K on the high end. This group's pay is mainly influenced by the specific employer, followed by geography and tenure.

Health Information Technology Career Education in Atlanta, GA

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The Atlanta, Georgia, area offers a few options for students planning a career in health information technology. This article looks at three schools, the most distant about 50 minutes from downtown, and the programs they offer. It also features a table of information about the schools that allows for easy comparisons. The table includes data such as enrollment, tuition and the graduation rate. At the end of this article is a little information about one other school with a relevant program.